Paine Mountain CrossFit Trainer Biographies


Kevin Hosie

Kevin is a former ski racer and avid runner. He was first introduced to Crossfit by one of his former ski coaches back in Pennsylvania in 2013. After the first class Kevin was immediately hooked to Crossfit. Kevin never got into the typical gym routine and so Crossfit was the perfect match for him since everyday its a constant surprise of what’s going to happen next. Since 2013, Kevin has trained at Crossfit Pocono in PA, Crossfit Amherst in NY, and Paine Mountain Crossfit, in all of the gyms he has seen the distinct camaraderie between everyone in the gym who is done with the WOD cheering those on who are still finishing up the WOD. He enjoys that everyone in the box is there for each other no matter what their respective time or score is for a WOD. Kevin has attended several seminars about mobility and Olympic lifting that he looks forward to improve upon his skills as well and sharing his knowledge on them to everyone. Kevin’s favorite movements include any bodyweight exercise, gymnastics, and running.

Jessica Berube

Jess has always had a fitness background being a former gymnast of 10 years, high school & all-star cheerleader, and track& field athlete. She is an exercise science major at Norwich University and will be commissioning into the United States Army following her graduation in 2018. Jess was not impressed with the “normal” gym scene and started Crossfit in 2014 then, later passed her level 1 certification. Since then she has been addicted to the ever-changing workouts and challenges of Crossfit. She very much values the competitiveness and high intensity environment. Her favorite movements are burpees, backsquats, and ANYTHING involving handstands. Jess hopes to pursue more certifications in Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and gymnastics while sharing her passion for fitness and inspiring others to be physically fit.

Lance Cole

I am from Cookeville, Tennessee, home of the professional CrossFit athlete, Rich Froning, as well as his gym, CrossFit Mayhem. I am no match to Rich Froning, but I train tirelessly in the attempts to someday achieve the same distinction. I started my physical training adventure on July 17, 2012, when I decided to join the U.S. Army. Ever since I have joined, I have been put into leadership positions to challenge those below me, both physically and mentally. I plan to graduate from Norwich University in December of 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. I look forward to creating innovative and dynamic workouts to challenge myself and those around me. My hobbies include mountain hiking, CrossFit, water sports, and traveling abroad. I hope by being a CrossFit instructor I can motivate and push athletes past their limits.

Michael Trout

I am a united state Marine Reservist and OCS candidate.  I have been working with CrossFit for 6 years, since my freshman year of high school.  I am currently training for my upcoming Officer Candidate School over the summer, but also to maintain an active lifestyle throughout the year.  CrossFit has prepared me for every challenge I have sought to accomplish, both physical and mental.  I hope to help others in the same way my trainers have helped me and prepare them for whatever challenges may lie ahead


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